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Cinelatino will broadcast three days of terror before Halloween

Cine Latino presents 'Winter 13' this Halloween 2018
Cine Latino presents 'Winter 13' this Halloween 2018
La Llorona
24 Horror Pictures
Documented Exorcism

The special of Nights of Witches will include premieres and popular titles...

October 19, 2018

Miami, FL - by Sebastian Vera - In anticipation of the most terrifying night of the year in the United States, Cinelatino will present three full days of the most chilling releases, starting on Monday, October 29 at 11:00 pm ET / 8:00 pm PT until Wednesday, October 31.
The special of Nights of Witches will include premieres and popular titles such as:

  • Winter 13: A psychological thriller about a woman who, when divorced, moves into a new home together with her six-year-old son. Shortly after settling in, the hallucinations that she suffered during her childhood begin to return, but this time the hallucinations seem to be paranormal phenomena. Angelica begins to have visions of a 60-year-old man beheaded and a young woman. Seek psychological help, but this is useless because you must face a demon who wants to take over the soul of your child. In order to save it, you must first investigate what happened ten years ago.

  • La Llorona 1, 2, and 3: The trilogy about the legend of "La Llorona", the evil spirit of an evil woman who drowned her children for the love of a man, and now finds herself trapped in the dark regions, possessed and condemned. People say that they wander in the dark, screaming and mourning the loss of their children. These three films will tell different stories of horror and suspense about mysterious unsolved murders and cases of missing persons, students trapped in a small town in Mexico where inexplicable things begin to happen during the night and a man in search of his missing daughter.

  • 24 horror pictures: A spooky thriller about the serial killer who calls herself "Lady Killer", who films her victims, all of them beautiful women whom she seduced with deceit. The murderer's purpose is to make a documentary that satisfies his voracious narcissism. He hires a young girl named Gilda who is an editor and accepts the assignment thinking that the film is a feature film and that means a big step in his career. When Gilda reviews the material, she realizes that the murders are real, she tries to escape, but it is too late and now she is forced to finish the job.

  • Documented Exorcism: The Guatemalan taquillero success based on the terrifying real story of a 16-year-old girl who, in October 2006, was diagnosed with severe depression. Three months later strange and chilling things began to happen in the house where he lived. Her mother does everything she can to find help, but nothing works and the consequences go from bad to worse when she is discovered to be possessed by an evil spirit.

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