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Gillette Celebrates Precision by Announcing a Regional Sponsorship for FC Barcelona In Latin America

Barcelona's Club player Lionel Messi
Barcelona's Club player Lionel Messi • photo: Image.Net
Lionel Messi • photo: Image.Net

Gillette® celebrates the common element of precision with FC Barcelona with a special campaign brought to life through a limited edition of products, which highlights the colors and the passion for FC Barcelona in Latin America.

October 11, 2014

Barcelona, Spain - Gillette, the world’s leading male grooming brand, proudly announces it is now FC Barcelona´s Official Shave for Latin America. The sponsorship was revealed during a press conference at the Camp Nou by Lionel Messi, Gillette´s Global Ambassador -  and, undoubtedly one of the world´s most precise players with more than 400 goals in his professional career -, Alexandra Vegas, Gillette´s Latin America General Manager, and Antoni Rossich Terme, General Director of FC Barcelona.

Following Gillette´s historical interest in Sports, the alliance with FC Barcelona celebrates a unique element that both brands have in common: precision. After all, precision on moves – characterized by their famous game strategy that aims to maintain possession of the ball – is what made FCB one of the best soccer teams in the world, and precision on cut is the mark of Gillette.

“Nobody can talk better about precision in life than the Latin American players that made it to FC Barcelona and have been making a difference there. With effort and dedication, they were there when the time came, at the right place, at the right time, at their best; this is why Gillette decided to celebrate their effort and achievement with a campaign video. Precision is what unites FC Barcelona and Gillette”, claimed Alexandra Vegas, Gillette´s Latin America General Manager.

To celebrate the sponsorship, Gillette worked on a campaign video which highlights the role of precision amongst Latin American players, presented for the first time during the press conference:

The FC Barcelona limited edition collection of products highlights the colors and the passion for FC Barcelona. The special products will offer Latin American fans a way to stay closer to their favorite team while experiencing the closest shave. Already available for purchase, FC Barcelona limited razors can be found in Mach3, Prestobarba3, Cartridges and Shave prep*.

During the event Messi signed one of Camp Nou´s goalpost and said goodbye to it. The goalpost will now travel to cities from Latin America for fans to live the experience of precision and give men the chance to express their passion for their team.


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